Cet article est rédigé en anglais avec des photos prises par moi-même…


Hawaii is the most wonderful state I’ve ever seen. Located on a north island of the United States, Hawaii is famous for many things…

Firstable you certainly know its famous dance: the hula hula. Hula is a unique Hawaiian dance accompanied by chant or song that preserves the stories, traditions and culture of Hawaii. There are many types and styles of hula. Hula auana (modern hula) is danced by the youngest people.This is the most familiar type of hula. Hula kahiko (ancient hula) is more difficult to learn and danced with more traditional costumes.


hula dancers


Then, you’ve got the beaches… They’re amazing ! A lot of people love going swimming and surfing over there. You can also see few dolphins and beautiful fishes in the sea. During all the year, the water stays temperate: it’s not too cool and not too warm.IMG_1327.JPG

a beach on a sunny Hawaiian day


Let’s finish with all the incredible views that you can watch in Hawaii. Beaches, oceans,volcans… everything you can imagine ! No matter where you are on this island, in your hotel, on a excursion or even on a plane, you still have a paradise in front of your eyes.


sunset from my room

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article, see you soon for another one.

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